• August 31, 2021 8:24 AM | Debbie St.Cyr (Administrator)

    The Redwood Trails Alliance was created through the union of the Sonoma County Trails Council and the Redwood Empire Mountain Bike Alliance.

    In November 2020 the Board of Directors of both corporations agreed to join forces and to pursue their common Mission as Redwood Trails Alliance, with an initial Board of Directors combined from both nonprofits. By joining forces, the new Trails Alliance will be able to increase the quality and quantity of our local trails for more trail users while respecting the environment we visit.

    Their work includes education, advocacy and trail projects which are funded by memberships, donations, and income from trail construction and training services. 

    Trails Alliance projects have included trail design, construction, and maintenance. Trails Alliance is currently working at several Sonoma County Regional Parks, including Helen Putnam in Petaluma, Foothill in Windsor and Taylor Mt. in Santa Rosa and recently completed trail work at Napa County’s Moore Creek Park. 

    The new organization will be co-led by Ken Wells and Deb St.Cyr. 

    (photo credit: PINE Photo and Video by Dan Quiñones)

    Ken, the RTA’s Trails Director, has been on trails all his life with over three decades of trail advocacy and construction experience. His efforts have been recognized with a long list of awards.

    Deb is the RTA’s Executive Director and comes to the partnership with over 20 years of volunteering with nonprofits.  Powered by a passion for the outdoors, Deb stepped into the trail building and mountain bike advocacy world after a devastating wildfire destroyed her home, community and local trail system. 

    The Ken and Deb partnership creates a powerful combination of organizational skills, nonprofit knowledge and trail construction experience, establishing a solid foundation to build more and better trails for all.

    With the substantial experience, knowledge and resources that is now the Redwood Trails Alliance, RTA is a respected leader of the trails community in the North Bay. Trails Alliance recognizes the environmental and social challenges our communities face, as well as the critical role being outside provides for our mental, physical and social wellbeing. Trails Alliance provides the essential link to the natural world - trails. 

    Trails Alliance is committed to the creation and stewardship of a network of durable and enjoyable trails to enable people to visit our amazing landscapes.

    #MoreTrails #BetterTrails

    For more info: 

    Follow us on Instagram and Facebook: @trailsalliance

    Contact: Debbie St.Cyr 602-677-2861

  • July 08, 2021 11:45 AM | Debbie St.Cyr (Administrator)

    It has been several months since our last message to you all, and for that, we apologize. Rest assured, our work to build quality trails for our diverse community of trail users has continued in the field while the integration of our two organizations has been proceeding in meetings on Zoom.

    And despite the challenges of a pandemic, the start of a new era for trails in our region is here.

    The Board of Directors of the Sonoma County Trails Council and the Redwood Empire Mountain Bike Alliance have officially combined forces under our new name, the Redwood Trails Alliance.

    The new organization will operate under the leadership of Executive Director Debbie St. Cyr and Trails Director Ken Wells, with a full-time trail construction team as well as more resources devoted to trail advocacy, education and volunteer trail work in the Sonoma, Napa, and Lake County area.

    With some critical initial steps taken, we are now in the process of setting up new social media and a website to communicate with you, our trail community. Stay tuned!

    Meanwhile, here are a few updates on some of the cool things our team has been doing.

    Strengthened our successful partnership with Sonoma County Regional Parks through a series of park trail repairs and realignments in Helen Putnam, Foothill, Taylor Mt. and Hood Mt. Regional Parks. And that’s just in the spring of 2021. More projects are lined up for more parks throughout Sonoma County.

    Supported our local high school mountain bike teams give back to their communities and the trails they love. We combined volunteer trail work and education to create a fun and engaging environment while learning why we do trail work, with projects at Skyline Wilderness Park, Moore Creek Park, and at the PUC Forest.

    Established new and better relations with State Parks – Bay Area District to advocate for our beloved Trione-Annadel State Park and how we can partner to work towards returning to community volunteer days and making trail improvements. Stay tuned for updates on those agreements.

    Began the initial trail design for a new trail system at Suscol Headwaters Park.

    With COVID vaccinations here we have re-started our volunteer workdays and there will be more opportunities to give back to your favorite trails and parks.

    The Redwood Trails Alliance has arrived....

  • October 01, 2020 9:29 AM | Debbie St.Cyr (Administrator)


    Photo Courtesy of Mike Dunn. Rattle Snake Ridge, Angwin

    Greetings REMBA Supporters.

    We find ourselves in the throes of yet another destructive wildfire.  This year continues to be challenging and our ability to get outside significantly interrupted, again.  Whether it is COVID restrictions, poor air quality, evacuations or park closures it’s been challenging to get out and ride.  The desire to want to help or do something to feel in control of the situation is prevalent.  Believe me we feel it too! 

    Across REMBA-Land many of our favorite properties are impacted due to the Glass Fire.  We are working daily with land managers across REMBA-land to keep up to date on closures and assessments.  We are all curious to find out the status of our favorite local parks and trails.  Land managers are respectively allowing firefighting personnel the space they need to work on extinguishing fires.  As soon as land managers can safely gain access, they will assess damages and we’ll have a timeline when to expect openings.

    One of the best things we can do right now is have patience and respect park closures.  We are all unfortunately experienced in what happens in the aftermath of a destructive wildfire.  Our past experiences taught us it takes time to get life back to normal including our trails.  With another red flag warning over the next couple of days, it is important to respect all closures. 

    We’ve put together a list of informational links for you to check the status of your local parks and current trail conditions.


    Sonoma County Regional Parks:

    Visit @sonomacountyregionalparks on social media for more up to date information.

    State Parks:

    @TrioneAnnadelStatePark on Facebook

    *Please note Trione-Annadel is closed due to fires.  Spring Lake is also closed and will remain closed until the evacuation advisory is lifted for that zone.


    Napa Open Space Districts provides daily trail updates on their website:

    Social media:  @NapaOpenSpace

    Skyline Wilderness Park:

     Social media: @skylinepark

    Pacific Union College Demonstration and Experimental Forest

    Social media: @PUCforest

    Note: PUC Forest is closed until further notice


    Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest is closed to vehicle traffic.  Check road closures and air quality prior to visiting.

    Facebook: @FOBMCA


    Purple Air


    CALTRANS or call 1-800-427-7623

    To all those impacted by fires on ANY level, we are thinking of you.  Please feel free to reach out to me directly at if you have specific questions or you know of someone with a need REMBA can help fill. We look forward to the day when we can ride and have a beer while sharing stories of recovery and perseverance.  When times are darkest remember we are strong, and we have proven that strength time and again.  I have no doubt we will prove it again this year.

    Hang tight!

    Deb Bloomquist

    Executive Director - REMBA

    Photo courtesy of Supervising Ranger, Neill Fogarty. Trione-Annadel Visitor Center
  • August 18, 2020 12:53 PM | Debbie St.Cyr (Administrator)

    Your REMBA trail crew is at it again! This time in Napa County at Skyline Wilderness Park! REMBA, in partnership with Friends of the Napa Open Space District and Skyline Park Citizens Association are working collaboratively to repair and realign a section of Skyline Trail just east of Lake Marie. We are stoked to work with partnering agencies who share the same goals as REMBA. More Trails! Better Trails!

    During rainy weather, Skyline Trail ends up muddy necessitating a seasonal trail closure which prevents access to the stunning peak views in Suscol Headwater Preserve. Once improvements are complete there will be four-season access to Suscol Headwaters Park, accessible only via Skyline Wilderness Park. Stay tuned for updates on our progress. #moretrailsbettertrails

    You can help support current and future projects such as Skyline Wilderness Park through your REMBA membership. Are you a current member? If not, sign up  

  • May 18, 2020 9:22 AM | Debbie St.Cyr (Administrator)

    We're so excited to have easier access to our trails due to loosening of restrictions at various locations in REMBA-Land.  There were a lot of outdoor enthusiasts enjoying the warm sun and awesome trails this past weekend.  That's a wonderful thing.  We're sending a gentle reminder regarding restrictions still in place to adhere to in order to maintain access to trails currently open and have the ability to park near trail heads.  We know that as REMBA members, you're some of the best-behaved and most conscientious trail users on the trail, so we need your help to kindly educate users on what the guidelines are regarding PPE.  There are numerous people who are simply unaware of the restrictions currently in place.  Remember to follow your county health officers guidelines as they may vary slightly or may change.  See below for general guidelines to follow for the safety and health of those around you and to keep our trails open.

    ·  If You’re Sick, Stay Home: Trails and parks should be treated like any other public space and if you’re sick you should opt to stay home and keep everyone safe.

    ·  Go Solo & Avoid Crowds: If you’re visiting the parks, please only come in groups of family or people that you live with. Going outdoors during this time is for our health and not for socializing in groups.

    ·  Maintain 6 Feet Social Distancing: Please be mindful of your surroundings and maintain 6 feet of social distancing space at all times.

    ·  Cover Your Cough: Always sneeze and cough into a tissue, or if one is not available, into your elbow.

    ·  Do Not Shake Hands: Limit physical contact to members of your immediate household. No unnecessary physical contact in parks.

    ·  Trail Etiquette: Please leave extra space when passing people on trails. If you’re in a group, this means making a single file line and stepping off the trail to allow safe space for people to pass.  Remember to slow down and announce yourself as you ride up on other users so you’re not blazing past people unaware of your presence.

    ·  Face Masks: Follow your county’s health order regarding masks.  In general wear your mask in high traffic areas such as parking lots and trailheads.

    ·  Be Nice/Say Hi:The golden rule.  It doesn't cost anything to be nice! 



  • May 14, 2020 1:26 PM | Debbie St.Cyr (Administrator)

    As of Wednesday May 14, 2020, more restrictions were loosened for some parks and facilities throughout Sonoma County Regional Parks. County social distancing protocols are still in place, so let us do our part to maintain access and have the pleasure to do what we love, ride our bikes on trails.

    By following a few guidelines, we increase our chances of safeguarding easier access to our trails. Wear PPE especially in high traffic areas like parking lots and trailheads, no group rides, be extra communicative with other trail users (no blazing by), try to park away from the trail and ride there, restrictions loosened for Sonoma county residents only and as always be nice out there. For details click the link for the Press Democrat article.  Sonoma County Begins Broader Opening. To stay up to date on Sonoma County Regional Parks click the following ling to their website. SCRP

  • December 30, 2019 9:46 AM | Debbie St.Cyr (Administrator)

    Greetings REMBA supporters and MTB enthusiasts!

    2019 has been a year of tremendous growth for REMBA.  We're proud of our achievements over this past year and look forward to continuing to build on the successes we had this year with your increased support and participation.

    Our achievement highlights for 2019

    • Hired an Executive Director. Former Chairwoman, Debbie Bloomquist enthusiastically accepted the Executive Director position and has been tirelessly working to further REMBA’s message and build partnerships with land managers and business supporters and YOU, our membership.

    • Purchased a trailer and tools to support volunteer trail work and our professional trail building team. 

    • Hired two full time trail crew team members and two seasonal hand crew

    • Received a specially-designed trail maintenance e-bike for trail team use!. 

    • Partnered with Napa Open Space District and built Whiskey Ridge and Conn Peak Trails, adding approximately 3 miles of new trail to the already existing 15 miles of trails in Moore Creek Park.

    • Partnered with Pacific Union College and the St. Helena Thunderbirds high school mountain bike team to maintain trails in the PUC Forest.

    • Worked with PUC to officially open PUC Forest to the public for the first time in 30 years!

    • Enthusiastically sponsored the construction of informational kiosks for PUC Forest.  Stay tuned for the installation of those kiosks.

    • Partnership with Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa for trail maintenance and volunteer efforts.

    • Worked with CAL FIRE, Napa Open Space District, Napa Land Trust and Pacific Union College to begin flagging the Dans Wild Ride reroute to move the existing trail onto a fully legal alignment..

    • Officially endorsed Napa Open Space District’s Measure K which will raise funds for open space protection and outdoor recreation throughout Napa County.

    • REMBA and Sonoma County Regional Parks worked together to design new trail in Shiloh Regional Park.  REMBA crews began flagging proposed routes. Stay tuned as we continue to strengthen our partnership.

    • REMBA has consistently met with local California State Parks staff regarding Trione-Annadel State Park and is maintaining a relentlessly positive outlook on this diamond for our MTB community. Tracking and nudging Annadel progress is one of REMBA's highest priorities, but has also proven to be one of the most difficult nuts to crack due to the massive State Bureaucracy. We'll continue to build relationships and push for progress and have enlisted CAMTB, the California Mountain Biking Coalition to help at the legislative level in Sacramento

    • REMBA began meeting with Friends of Trione Annadel State Park to work together on efforts to work on trails within Annadel.

    • REMBA went before the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to show support for the Sonoma Ag and Open Space Vital Lands Initiative to provide land conservation throughout Sonoma County.  

    • We successfully rebuilt the Santa Rosa Pump Track!

    • REMBA was deeply involved with Friends of Boggs Mountain to help rebuild trails in Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest.  Our efforts helped rebuild almost 6 miles of single track.

    • REMBA worked with the County of Lake Parks and Recreation Department to assist with grant writing and give advice for the MTB only Mt. Konocti trail while environmental studies are underway.

    • REMBA and REI partnered for a trail workday in Boggs for the REI Dirt Sweat and Beers series.  We had almost 80 volunteers come out and dig over 1 mile of trail.  

    As you can see REMBA’s been busy over the past year and we plan to continue that momentum into next year!  

    What’s Next?

    • Contractor License.  REMBA will begin work towards officially getting a contractor’s license.  This is critical for REMBA to enter into the bidding process with government agencies to get paid to build trails.

    • We’ll continue our advocacy efforts and trail construction for the Dan’s Wild Ride Reroute. 

    • REMBA, in partnership with Pacific Union College will provide support as needed for the PUC forest parking lot installation as part of the official public opening of PUC forest

    • February will be REMBA’s first VIP fundraising event.  Stay tuned for details and how to get your ticket.  This will be one event you won’t want to miss.

    • Member party!  The annual REMBA member appreciation party is a tradition we will continue to carry out.

    • Continue working with Sonoma County Regional Parks and start digging new trails in Shiloh Regional Park.

    • Oat Hill jump line! Say what? Yep, you heard correctly.  REMBA in partnership with Napa Open Space District will begin work on a “features area” in the lowermost section of Oat Hill Mine Trail.  

    • In partnership with Sonoma County Trails Council, Napa Open Space District and Conservation Corps North Bay, REMBA will begin building Catacoula Trail in Moore Creek Park.  REMBA and NOSD have already flagged the approved route and will begin construction in spring 2020.

    • SCRP and REMBA will begin site visits and design ideas in Mark West Regional Park area to add trails to the existing trail system.

    • REMBA in partnership with the NorCal High School Cycling League will provide opportunities for high school MTB teams within REMBA-Land to support Teen Trail Corps and encourage our kids to get outside.  REMBA is currently working on scheduling workdays in Annadel, Helen Putnam, Skyline, Angwin, PUC Forest and Boggs.

    • REMBA will begin work with NOSD to work towards building trail in Suscol Headwaters in Napa County.

    What REMBA has accomplished and will continue to achieve is made possible ONLY by you!   Without you we wouldn’t be able to advocate for mountain bike access and MORE and BETTER TRAILS!  A huge set of thanks is due to our donors who’ve funded new trail projects and allowed us to purchase a trailer and tools,all our volunteers who continue to show up for trail work and maintenance, land managers and agencies who support outdoor recreation and are willing to partner with us to help make new and better trails a reality.  A special thank you to all the MTB organizations who’ve given us advice and guidance as we continue to grow. Your assistance and experience are invaluable. Thank you to trail lovers throughout the land who are the beating heart of REMBA, we wouldn’t exist without you.

    Let’s get dirty in 2020 on MORE TRAILS and BETTER TRAILS! 

    With a heart full of gratitude,

    Deb Bloomquist

    Executive Director

  • October 08, 2019 8:32 AM | Debbie St.Cyr (Administrator)

    REMBA received a $10,000 grant from REI to go towards the restoration of Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest trail system. With the grant money we’re able to add to our trail building tools. Check out our new BOMAG 10/30 vibratory plate compactor. Thank you, REI for your continued support of REMBA. Also, shout out to Bobcat Total Equipment and Rental – Santa Rosa for your help with the purchase and delivery of our equipment. Thank you Friends of Boggs Mountain for our awesome partnership. #moretrails #bettertrails

  • October 03, 2019 7:58 AM | Debbie St.Cyr (Administrator)

    REMBA supporters!  Are you a member?  Do you need to renew?  We need your help and now is the perfect time to join or renew.  Your membership supports all aspects of trail building across REMBA-Land.  We’re heading into a busy season building NEW trail and tuning up existing trail in all three counties. We need your help to continue bringing #moretrails and #bettertrails right to your front door!
    Your membership dollars support our professional trail team as well as volunteer workdays, tool purchases, future pump track projects, advocacy efforts to increase trail access and housekeeping details like insurance and Tecnu!
    Become a REMBA member today!  Don’t forget REMBA is a 501(c)3 organization relying solely on tax deductible donations and your membership; you are our lifeblood

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