Why REMBA? – Patrick Brady

Patrick Brady
Patrick Brady

I’m a newcomer to Sonoma County, a transplant, an adopted son. Because I’m a writer, I can live any place I choose. And I’ve ridden in many wonderful places. Above them all, I chose Sonoma County. There aren’t many places on earth that offer as much incredible riding on roads, gravel and singletrack as this little slice of heaven. Combine it with a climate to charm the grapes and you’ve got a recipe for fulfillment.

When I moved here, I vowed to contribute to the cycling community in whatever way I could. Not that I thought I could improve upon this place, but as I told friends, I wanted to add my shoulder to the effort.

Joining REMBA was an easy and obvious first step. With the motto, “more trails, better trails,” REMBA is an organization focused on quality of life, an outfit that will make a difference not just in the lives of those of us who signed on as founding members, but this organization will make riding better for my sons and their sons. This is the ground floor of what will become a North Bay institution.

Anyone who values mountain biking as a means to explore the outdoors, stay fit, or just have fun will benefit from the rise of REMBA. Come be a friend.

~Patrick Brady, Publisher of Red Kite Prayer and The Paceline Podcast

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