Nick – Why REMBA?


Greetings Mountain Bikers of the Redwood Empire!

Nick Nesbitt here. I grew up in Santa Rosa, CA in the heart of Sonoma County. I was fortunate enough to have some of my first experiences on a mountain bike in Annadel State Park. 20 years after my first mountain bike rides in our much beloved park I moved back to Santa Rosa. Upon moving back to Sonoma County I was surprised to realize that there was no official county wide or regional group representing mountain bikers. Jake Bayless and I meet on a mountain bike ride with a mutual friend and we began to discuss the idea of starting an advocacy group. After a few weeks of kicking the idea around we decided to begin building the Redwood Empire Mountain Bike Alliance. Our goal was simple, unify mountain bikers across the Redwood Empire for the purpose of trail stewardship, advocacy, and having a really good time while doing it. We envisioned a Redwood Empire with miles and miles of beautiful single track trails of all flavors in every park and open space from the Sonoma Coast to the Central Valley. We also want to see pumptracks in every park and neighborhood and even bike parks in every town. We want to give the mountain bikers a point of connection to grow our community and increase cooperation with our greater communities. Since those early days the movement has been growing. We established our board in December of 2015 and started to diligently lay the groundwork of the organization so that you could all join us as founding members of the REMBA. I can’t wait to work alongside you all to realize what is possible in our beautiful and inspiring landscape.