Why REMBA? – Josh


I’m relatively new to the area. Trading a surfboard for two wheels, I quickly fell in love with everything that Northern California trails had to offer. Steep ups, fun downs. All wrapped in a beautiful landscape. We’re a match made in heaven.

But it wasn’t long before I was asking the questions most of us are familiar with. Who was maintaining the trails I rode? What was their plan for the future? How were they making (or not making) choices that would affect these places I’ve come to love? What about new trail development and accessibility? We’re a stone’s throw from the birthplace of mountain biking, and yet lack the intentionality and planning seen in other thriving mountain biking locations around the country.

So when the REMBA peeps began to amass it was a no brainer. A passionate group of people coming together to voice a plan. A community of bike lovers that are willing to put their time, money and efforts behind that voice. With so much at our fingertips it seems silly not to join forces to accomplish great things.

~Josh Talbot

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