Why REMBA? – Greg Fisher


While Northern California is blessed with abundant open spaces, most of these ridges and forests are rimmed with barbed wire and signs suggesting grim fates for trespassers. There is no great swath of federal forest, no turnkey leftover land grant that brought hundreds of square miles into the public domain. Riding your mountain bike here is a social undertaking. One has to marinate in local knowledge and wait for the community to deem you worthy of their secret spots and their hidden networks.

On top of that, you have a population of people who have a keen appreciation for our wild spaces and they flock to the few we share in great, enthusiastic numbers. There’s nothing like the lands around the Bay Area and Northern California. Its people know and love them deeply, perhaps none more so than the mountain biking community. Their passion for their sport, their zeal for lands on which they tread, and their sheer numbers all define a powerful, yet underrepresented, group of outdoorsmen and women.

REMBA comes with the promise of connection. We need a group that brings our disparate mountain biking tribe together. Our strained land managers need a united voice in order to keep our trails open to everyone and invisible to the plants and animals around them. Our critics need a partner in supporting our public spaces, even if they don’t know it yet. Mountain bikers need a leader that can show how we can more readily give back to the lands that have given us so much.

-Greg Fisher , REMBA founding member

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