The Sonoma County Ag & Open Space District Wants Your Feedback

This Is A Very Rare Opportunity. Please Pay Careful Attention Here:

The Sonoma County Ag & Open Space District is bringing their planning process for the next 15 years to the public – to us. Simply put, this is THE opportunity to help shape the preservation and *utilization* of our publicly held lands. This is an opportunity that should *not* be taken lightly by the cycling community. Much is at stake. Since voters created the District in 1990, it has protected more than 110,000 acres of land in Sonoma County, and currently controls upwards of 5,000 acres on 21 parcels – with more to come.  They’d like to know more about the community’s priorities and how they should manage these and future land acquisitions.

There are 5 upcoming public meetings –*THIS MONTH* – one for each Supervisorial District in Sonoma County. Meetings begin NEXT WEEK. The Open Space District asks that we RSVP to attend one (or more) of the following meetings: (click the date for more, and to RSVP)

March 14 – Healdsburg Community Center, Healdsburg 6-8pm
March 15 – El Molino High School Library, Forestville 6-8pm
March 21 – Petaluma Community Center, Petaluma 6-8pm
March 29 – Santa Rosa Veterans Building, Santa Rosa 6-8pm
March 30 – Finnish American Heritage Hall, Sonoma 6-8pm

****Here at REMBA we strongly believe that our Open Space District plays a vital role in helping us attain our shared goal of more & better trails. By partnering with and supporting them, we’ll make awesome opportunities a reality – together. This process begins with YOU providing SCAOSD with the feedback they need, but don’t regularly hear.****

Please sign up today to ensure that your voice as a cyclist and open space lover in Sonoma County is heard, so that future planning outcomes reflect the reality of your needs and desires.

Here are some simple talking point ideas from REMBA that might be useful to express at these meetings in your own words:

  • Sonoma County needs more trails, more connectivity. Current trail inventory isn’t meeting the needs of the community.
  • By engaging the cycling community, we can work together to design, build, fundraise and maintain trails.
  • Putting trails into far-out spaces will enhance public participation and discourage nefarious activity like illegal and destructive marijuana grows.
  • Well planned trails, executed with modern techniques, are proven to be far less erosive than old logging roads and jeep trails.
  • Retiring unused and erosive roads in favor of thoughtful trails is good for our open spaces.
  • Sonoma County embraces the cycling community and the outdoor tourism it invites and encourages. The Open Space District should recognize and encourage the economic boost this provides to Sonoma County businesses.
  • Open Space planning should include language to make access “multi-use, by default”, rather than singling out user groups.
  • Improving access and connectivity, by dirt roads and trails, should be just as important a priority as access and connectivity by roads.
  • In many of our parks and open spaces, cyclists represent the single largest user-group. Cycling is a very desired and “growth” activity which includes all socioeconomic levels and is accessible to all people, young and old.

…just some ideas… please bring yours, too!

See you there!

If you haven’t already, please join REMBA today.

Currently protected lands in Sonoma County: