Sonoma County Call to Action : Yes on Measure J

Greetings REMBA members and friends,

What an exciting time for parks, trails and all of us who love them! Measure J is on the ballot this fall and provides the residents of  Sonoma County a way to boost funding for Sonoma County Regional Parks. The board members of REMBA voted unanimously to endorse this measure and we hope that you will vote yes on measure J this November. Sonoma County Regional Parks have been very supportive of the formation of REMBA and have proven to be valuable partners. Not convinced yet? Check out all of the ways that this measure will improve our local parks.

  • Increase trail mileage in existing parks
  • Opening access to currently inaccessible public land and building trails on these lands.
  • Connecting the major towns in Sonoma County with a network of paved bicycle/pedestrian trails.
  • Preserving the ecosystems that we all love so much about Sonoma County for generations to come.

If you want to see this measure pass please vote yes and volunteer your time to walk precincts and phone bank to spread the word to our fellow Sonoma County residents. For more details on Measure J and to sign up to volunteer please head over to the Yes for Sonoma County Parks website.

Thank you!

Nick Nesbitt

Co-founder / Chairman

Redwood Empire MTB Alliance