REMBA/Norcal Scholarship

REMBA and The Norcal High School Cycling League partnered again this year to award two racers scholarships that include a brand new bike, riding gear and race fees paid for the season.   As part of the scholarship requirements students agree to write blogs about their racing experience, attend 2 trail work days and attend 2 REMBA board meetings.

Julian Pelayo, one of the recipients of the REMBA/Norcal Scholarship for the 2018 season shares his experience racing his first race in Monterey February 25, 2018.  Enjoy Julian’s experience.

Left to right, Vanessa Hauswald, Executive Director Norcal, Jeff Cramer, REMBA board, Robert CoCo Ramirez, Race Director Norcal, Deb Bloomquist, REMBA Chair, Julian Pelayo, Scholarship recipient A-Team and Sebastian Verbera scholarship recipient Saint Helena

My name is Julian Pelayo Bracamontes from the A-Team and I was chosen for the REMBA scholarship. This is my first year with the team and before the A-Team I was new to mountain biking but I would bike to the YMCA daily. I´ve played many sports throughout the years but mountain biking has been unlike anything I have done before. Mountain biking allows me to explore the outdoors and learn new skills while having a great time with my teammates and coaches. Through this great sport I have been exposed to a new way of thinking and living by appreciating the outdoors even more and taking care of it first hand. I have done some trail work with REMBA thanks to one of my coaches who told me about it and went with me.

My first Norcal bike race was an awesome experience. I had only started mountain biking in December and was already in a race. I was very nervous for my race because I had never ridden 15 miles without stopping and I didnt think I would be able to finish. My goal at the beginning of the race was not to win, but to finish and have a great time doing it. My first lap was great because I finished in about 20 minutes or so but I began to slow down during my last two laps. At some points during the race I didn’t think I was going to finish but watching and hearing everybody cheer me on kept me going. Unlike other sports, the crowd at the race cheered for everyone no matter the team they represented and that was something great that I really appreciate about mountain biking. My goal for race # 2 is to beat my previous time and feel strong.

Before receiving the scholarship I was borrowing a bike from my team but it wasn’t mine to keep. Thanks to REMBA, I have been given the opportunity to have my very own mountain bike that I can take anywhere and use whenever I want. I am very excited for the upcoming races because, I will be using my new bike which is awesome.