Post Fire Update for Sonoma and Napa Counties

Here are the notes from the information meeting that we hosted with Bell Joy Ride Santa Rosa at Trail House this past Wednesday.

  • State Parks
    • Neill Fogarty: Supervising Ranger Trione-Annadel State Park
      • Everyone wants their parks back. Annadel was mostly ground fire with some hot burns that need to be assessed. 3100 acres burned and there are still hot spots. There are burned trees that are still standing and pose a fall risk. The dozer lines put in for fire breaks are being repaired and there will be heavy equipment in the park. They will be bringing in cultural specialists to look at the Pomo sites.
      • When asked how long Neill stated that it could be a while, maybe a couple of months and maybe more.
      • Another question was about opening parts of the park that didn’t burn and he said that might be a possibility.
      • Neill asked everyone to be patient
      • Parks temporarily closed:
        • Annadel – 61% burned
        • Robert Louis Stevenson – 26% burned
        • Sugarloaf – 80% burned
        • Jack London – 13% burned
    • Sarah Reid: Volunteer Coordinator Trione-Annadel State Park
  • Regional Parks
    • Bert Whitaker: Director
      • Shiloh Ranch Regional Park -100% burned except the parking areas
      • Sonoma Valley Regional Park -100% burned
      • Hood Mountain Regional Park and Open Space Reserve – over 50% (1100-1200 acres) burned
      • North Slope Regional Park open this weekend
      • McCormick Addition seems to be ok
      • Taylor Mountain open
  • Sonoma County Trails Council
    • Ken Wells
  • Friends of Boggs / REMBA
    • Debbie Bloomquist
      • Need to respect the closures as the trees burn down in the roots and the trees need to be removed. It has been over two years for Boggs
      • The more park staff have to deal with unauthorized access the less time they have to focus on getting the parks open
  • Napa/Skyline REMBA
    • Andrew Brooks
      • Walked Skyline with county supervisor, park staff and Nick
      • Skyline is currently closed as it is mostly burned, lots of downed trees and burned wooden retaining structures
      • Park employees are already clearing trees because they are a smaller organization and are more nimble.  November 4th trail work is occurring as-scheduled; contact for details
      • Oathill Mine Road is closed but not burned, there is dozer damage in the bottom 1.2 miles that needs to be repaired
        • Trail work on Saturday and Sunday 10/29
          • meet at the trailhead at 9am
          • tools and gloves provided, wear pants, work boots or sturdy shoes, and long sleeves. Bring snacks and water
          • email Chino from NCOSPD  to rsvp or with any questions
  • Bell Joy Ride
    • Amber Streiff
      • Thank you to Amber to organizing this
    • Nick –
      • Please stay out of the closed parks, there are lots of trees that are very compromised and ready to fall.
      • The local mountain bike community continues to gain credibility and trust with land managers. We can continue that trend if we are supportive and respectful of our land managers now while these parks are closed.
      • We will be doing many updates to let everyone know the status of the parks.
      • Btw, lots of poison oak still standing 🙁
    • Where to ride your mountain bike now
      • Salt Point State Park (North Coast Sonoma County)
      • North Sonoma Mountain Regional Park (Central Sonoma County)
      • Taylor Mountain Regional Park (Santa Rosa)
      • China Camp State Park (San Rafael)
      • Helen Putnam Regional Park (Petaluma)
      • Rockville Hills Park (Fairfield)
      • Jackson Demonstration Forest (Mendocino)

Fundraising opportunities:

A Day with Trek Travel Charity Ride Oct.28 – Ride support provided by Trek Travel certified guides  – Pre-ride coffee provided by Acre Coffee  – Gourmet picnic lunch and complimentary wine tasting at La Crema Wines beautiful estate, $25

Cyclist Menu at Trail House Nov. 4th 1.5 hr non-drop ride, followed by cold beers and charcuterie spread by CHEF Z. All proceeds go to TRAIL and to help REBUILD Annadel State Park and the network of singletrack that Redwood Empire Mountain Bike Alliance maintains. $30

Win any Specialized Bike of your choice. Help REMBA rebuild trails destroyed by CA wildfires. Short Handled Shovel would like to offer you the chance to take home your dream bike. Any Specialized bike of your choice, including S-Works. It’s as simple as that. Ends November 30, 2017.