Post Fire Park Updates

We have some fantastic news, some great news and some non news so let’s start with the non-news.

Trione-Annadel State Park

We do not have any news on when the closed portion of the park will be reopened to the public. We are in close contact with the State Park staff and will provide you all with any news as soon as we get it. We would like to pass on and support a staff request to be patient and courteous with other trail users as we share a much smaller area while the burned part of the park remains closed. It’s simple, be nice say hi or just remember rule #1 : don’t be a jerk.

Hood Mountain Regional Park

Now for some good news! Sonoma County Regional Parks is hoping to have the Los Alamos Rd side of Hood Mountain Regional Park open by the end of January. The Pyhtian Rd side of the park will remain closed and we’ll keep updates on that coming as we get them.



Skyline Park

Finally time for some absolutely fantastic news! Skyline Park will be 100% re-opened to the public on January 20th! Plan on celebrating the re-opening with us. There will be details of the reopening celebration coming shortly so stay tuned! In other fantastic Skyline news, we are so excited to let you know that one of our board members, Andrew Brooks, has been elected the president of the Skyline Park Citizens’ Association!


Those are all the post fire park closure updates we have. Stay tuned for more updates.

photo credits : Jorge Flores (Annadel) & Andrew Brooks (Skyline)