Saturday Saturday Saturday! The REMBA Launch Potluck is Happening!

Please RSVP here:

When:  This Saturday, October 17th is the REMBA launch potluck.

Time:  4pm potluck with group rides BEFORE potluck  

Group Ride details:
A group ride with DMac:
B group ride with   AMBG:

REMBA Launch Ride

Saturday, Oct 17, 2015, 1:00 PM

15 Mountain Bikers Went

Check out this Meetup →

C group ride with the whole family:

Where: HOWARTH PARK, Upper Oak Picnic Area.  We have reserved ALL Upper Oak for the WHOLE day until sunset.  Setup early, if you’d like!  YOU are part of the nascent REMBA, too!

Who?: Anyone who would like to influence positive outcomes for people like to ride Mountain Bikes in the Redwood Empire. Families, friends, everyone is welcome and invited.

Potluck starts at 4. Informal meeting/updates after 4:30.

We’ll have coals on the grills, ready for you to throw goodness on them.

Bring food and drink AND your own utensils/plates & cups please

Here is the potluck paradigm:  Last Name!  Starts with…
A-H:  salad or hors d’oeuvres
I-Q: main dish or BBQ item
R-Z:  dessert or sweet

BYOB, and please be reminded that GLASS BOTTLES are not allowed in Howarth Park. Adult beverages, yes. Glass: no. 🙂

More Details:  Howarth Park is both a great spot AND very family friendly with fun amenities: train, carousel, playgrounds, lake, easy trails, etc.  Feel free to make a day out of attending the REMBA launch and maximizing our reservation, if you’d like.  We have reserved Upper Oak Picnic Area from 9am to 9pm. 

All about Howarth Park (click it)

Howarth and Spring Lake Park Maps (click it)

Meet at UPPER OAK PICNIC AREA in the middle, there.
Meet at UPPER OAK PICNIC AREA in the middle, there.