MTB Access Alert : Fitch Mountain

MTB ACCESS ALERT – *especially* for Healdsburgers and North Sonoma County folks:

Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 6pm, there is a meeting at Healdsburg Community Center regarding the Fitch Mountain Park Management plan.

The current Draft Plan DENIES bicycle access to the historically open roads (and trails) on Fitch mountain. In order to keep this park open to bicycles, your voice needs to be heard.

We at REMBA feel that ANY restrictions against bicycles would be a big step backwards, and probably is informed by the time before REMBA when it was impossible for park planners to partner with MTB groups in order to keep access open and to rally bicycle users to be helpful. In this respect, REMBA would like to open the dialog and ask to be engaged with The City of Healdsburg to ensure residents of Healdsburg, especially the immediately adjacent neighborhoods, have a vibrant place to recreate with their families – including on bicycles.

If you can’t attend the meeting tomorrow, we encourage YOU to write or call Healdsburg staff (contact info below) to ask that they find it in their schedule and hearts to work with REMBA on the foundation of a positive and creative relationship that can ensure access for everyone. REMBA wants to help them find a solution to “cycling problems” – rather than just being another problem. This is a very important message to get across. Relentless positivity, please! 🙂

More information on the Tuesday Meeting:

DRAFT Fitch Mountain Management Plan:…

Who to contact to show your support of bicycle access:
Jaime Licea, Parks Superintendent

****Deadline for public comment is 12:00 p.m., Monday, November 28, 2016. *****