McLaren Bike Park : Dine, Imbibe, Give : DIG!

mbp_dig_4x4_keyvisual_r2The Mclaren Bike Park is picking up some serious steam and is well on its way to realizing the dream of having a bike park in the city limits of San Francisco! The hard working visionaries behind the park have been organizing support and raising money for the park since 2008 and now have over $500,000 and are getting close to breaking ground for phase 1. They have recently released the plans for the following phases and they are motivated as ever to build the biggest, baddest bike park yet to be imagined for a major city in the United States. This is were you come in. There will be a fundraiser dinner at The Monte Cristo Club in San Francisco on Sunday April 26th to support the project. This is a great opportunity for the mountain biking community of the bay area to  Dine,  Imbibe and Give (DIG!) to support this worthy and ambitious effort to  mountain biking. Hope to see you there!