Kenny – Why REMBA?

Kenny Noren

As a co-founder of Annadel Mountain Bike Group in 2010, I was fortunate enough to watch our group go from 15 mountain bike riders to over 1200 mountain bike enthusiasts! It’s become more of a family of friends that love to get on their bikes together. Although advocacy, involvement, and responsibility for our parks and open space has always been a priority for AMBG, we did not have the vision and plan that Jake and Nick have laid out with REMBA.

So the question before us now is “Why REMBA?”…..but the better question is, “Why not REMBA?”
If you are reading this then you can probably agree, riding and doing nothing is easier, and it always will be.

Getting involved in your community in the form of planning trails, building trails, building pump tracks, advocating for new trails, involvement in our parks at all levels, and simply taking ownership and responsibility for the land that we recreate on is hard work……if you go it alone.

As a member of REMBA, you will not go at any of this alone. Better yet, you’ll be part a very knowledgeable and well prepared team to tackle issues and to help build our trail networks locally and regionally. All the while forging extremely important relationships with the decision makers that govern our parks and open space today.

I am REMBA, and you should be too.

~Kenny Noren

Join REMBA today.