Jake – Why REMBA?

Jake - Quinn

For me, forming REMBA was an imperative. So, for the last year and a half, a handful of us have been laying the foundation and getting all the cohesive bits and the 501(c)3 together. We’re finally there, and I seriously couldn’t be more excited!

We’ve created a mountain bike nonprofit that intends to bring all the bike tribes together to build trails, pump tracks, new friendships, goodwill, and happy bike families. I can’t wait to show my kids what REMBA’s doing.

We’ve already got a LOT cookin’! In fact, there’s so much in the works we’ve recently *struggled* to find time to fit the legal 501c3 malarkey in!

Over the next three weeks leading up to our Founding Member Launch Party (have you RSVP’d yet?) we’re going to tell you more about all the amazing opportunities we’re seizing. Opportunities that might have slipped by without a REMBA standing at the plate making sure your needs are being addressed and met. We’re going to hit home runs.

Here’s the thing, though: we can’t do it without your support. We need you to be a founding REMBA member. Please join today, and mark your calendar for the August 20th Founding Member Party!

~Jake Bayless, REMBA Secretary