Fred – Why REMBA?

Fred "Norton" LunaWhy REMBA?

I have been involved with State Park issues for 20 years, both as an advocate and a volunteer.

I have lobbied the legislature for access and keeping parks open during the times of financial crisis.

I have also been involved with various habitat and trail restoration efforts.

As an avid Mountain Biker, one of my passions is advocating for access and sustainable trail building. I spoke with Nick and Jake about the value of advocating and how I/we felt about the need for something more on the local level. The seeds were planted. REMBA was born and today we have an amazing and talented Board, with members who bring with them so much experience and expertise.

It’s been an honor for me to be a part of REMBA and great things have already happened and will continue to happen. But it takes support. Please help REMBA continue to provide the voice for all Mountain Bikers, young and old.

~Fred Luna

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