Founder’s Launch Party Shedule

The REMBA Founding Member Party is upon us. Will you be there?

Perhaps you’ve heard the call?  If you’re a REMBA Founding Member, you’re in.  Please bring yourself and your immediate family to the party on Saturday, August 20th.  We’re giving away a brand new Trek Stache (that’s a bike, natch). The odds are SO GOOD that we’ll probably hit you up for donations, but seriously – it’s a give-away.  And all you need to do is be there and be a REMBA member. How rad is that?

We’re more than just excited to be throwing a launch party.  We’re thinking we might need to make this a regular thing!   The goal being that we get together, share stories, good news, a ride, fun & games with the kids, tip a few pints, burgers and high fives… why wouldn’t we?

I’m getting ahead of myself, because we have THIS PARTY to get in the books!  Here are all the details that we know for sure:

Already coming? HAVE YOU RSVP’d?  Please help us plan food & drink by responding to the facebook event here.  (in the event you aren’t a facebook practitioner, you can let a board member know [you may have already] or email

What?:  The REMBA Founding Member Party
Who is it for?:  YOU. Mind you, this is a Members-Only Party.  Want to join or invite someone who isn’t? THEY CAN JOIN REMBA HERE

          …just an idea: bring a bike lock. No sense in tempting the n’er do wells… know what I’m sayin?

Where?:  “Lower Group” area at Jack Rabbit Meadows party spot, Spring Lake Regional Park, Santa Rosa, CA   …this is the group area DIRECTLY adjacent to the Spring Lake BOAT LAUNCH and parking area.  There is PLENTY of parking anywhere in Spring Lake Park – standard parking fees apply.  Of course you are also welcome to RIDE into the party, too!
Spring Lake Map  Google Map

When?:  Saturday, August 20th, rides at 11am, party (tap) at 2pm.  Food at 3:30pm and BIKE GIVEAWAY after 4pm.  (more on the bike GIVE AWAY)

Lots of details here, pay attention!
Several group bike rides for different skills & ages will begin & end at Lower Jack Rabbit.

11 – 2pm:  Founder’s Party Site Host – We will have volunteers who stay at the picnic area and watch things (good idea to bring a bike lock, just in case)

11:00am: Check-In and Rides Begin! Begin & end at Lower Jack Rabbit.
Long Ride:  Doug McKenzie leads
Medium Ride:  Sebastian Brewer leads

11:30am: Check-In and Easier Rides begin!  Begin & end at Lower Jack Rabbit.
Ladies Ride:  Chris Culver and Kelly Wattell lead
Family Ride:  Leader TBD, but this is happening – plan on a loop to Lake Ilsanjo and back.

1:00pm: *If you have LITTLE ONES, they get to have ride fun, too!  We recommend starting a ride at 1pm, and making a lap of Spring Lake on the paved trail. This’ll be a Self Guided Family Ride!  Begin & end at Lower Jack Rabbit.

2:00pm: Tap Kegs & start cooking. “Tap at 2”  SNACK FOOD will be available – please feel free to bring your own, too!
Check-In Table – ALL MEMBERS (and immediate family) are welcome, and will receive wristbands for easy ID.
Swag Table – pint glasses, t-shirts, stickers
Party events:

  • beanbag toss
  • apple/donut eating
  • kids race
  • Bike Limbo
  • Slow Race

3:00pm: Welcome/Introductions

3:30pm: Serve Food

4:00pm: More gabbing with one-another / Party events / BIKE GIVEAWAY

Any questions?  Shoot an email to

RSVP here: 

See you soon!

~Nick Nesbitt, Chairman of REMBA