Build Week #1: PumpTrackSR Making Fantastic Progress

Before we get to today’s eye candy, some juicy information on the latest from REMBA’s PumpTrackSR…

We had a great build week, concluding tonight, Thursday October 6th. Andrew Taylor, Greg Watts, Doug McKenzie and a slew of awesome folks came out and put some serious love into this pumptrack – they absolutely killed it! So much work, so many people putting the effort in together.  Really a treasure to see and be a part of.

So, we have to take a short break now – the pump track, an active construction site, is technically closed until we let you know otherwise.  City staff are going to begin putting a new access path from the existing path to the track on this upcoming Tuesday (weather allowing).  This’ll ensure our pump track is accessible to everyone.  We also may need some help in the coming week on the wood fence that we’ll surround the pumptrack with… still TBD – we’ll let you know on this, too.

Lots of people are asking two questions:

  1. Where can I get a pump track bike?  Great Question! Naturally, you need to head down to the local bike shops and check out what they’ve got for you!
  2. When will the pumptrack open?  We’re not certain yet. If the weather holds, perhaps 2 more weeks… if not, maybe a bit longer.  But, man, we’re SO close!  We’ll let you know ASAP when our tentative #PumpTrackSR launch date is… Stand by!
  3. Lastly, I know, I said two questions… this is an ask of you. If you aren’t a member of REMBA yet, now is the right time.  Here you’re seeing, in the flesh, the kind of difference we can make in our community if we work together. Becoming a member is exactly what’s necessary to keep rad projects like this, as well as new and improved trails and infrastructure for the whole cycling family in the pipeline. We’re already making plans for the next 2 pumptracks! Join today:


Andrew Taylor taking the first ever pumps at #PumpTrackSR!
Rinse, Compact, Repeat.
Today’s crew was fantastic!
All ages were on hand to help compact the track today!
See? There were helmets!
Doug McKenzie happily showing the bill for the permit. $7. REMBA is eternally grateful for Santa Rosa City Staff and members of City Council for helping us get the permit fees (>$2000) waived for this project!