ATTN Napa County : Skyline Park Community Meeting 4/28 7pm

Hey all –

Skyline Park is holding a community meeting Tuesday, March 28th, at 7pm, at the Social Hall at the park (2201 imola avenue, in napa) to discuss issues surrounding the River to Ridge entrance to the park. It’s the park’s contention that many users are “sneaking in” through that entrance and it’s critically important to explain to them that it’s an important entrance for those of us who are paying users of the park. Lots of annual passholders access the park through RTR as the safest or closest link to where they live or work; for many local park users, accessing the park via the River Trail and RTR means almost no riding on city streets and it adds valuable on-trail mileage for me once inside the park. not to mention it avoids traffic through the congested and bad-sight-lines corridor that separates the lower area of the park from the rest of the trail system, where user conflicts or collisions are very likely to occur.

so, the best thing we can do is showing up to the meeting and speaking to help the park understand that a reasonable policy regarding entrance hours and fee collection through RTR is critical especially to park users who use the park on foot or on bicycles. Introduce yourself as a paying park user or passholder and REMBA member, and let the park know that you’re unhappy with the way the gate is currently being managed.

Happy Trails,
Andrew Brooks
Trail Team Lead
Redwood Empire Mountain Bike Alliance