Alert: Sonoma Vital Lands Initiative Thematic Workshops

Four important meetings with Sonoma County Open Space District upcoming.

REMBA has been tracking the Open Space District’s “Vital Lands” initiative – and this is the latest in the string of public input meetings that the OSD has scheduled.  Most important to REMBA folks is probably the fourth and final meeting, “Recreation & Urban Space”, however you are encouraged to attend any or all of these meetings.  Unfortunately they are scheduled during weekdays and what most of us would call “working hours”.  Nevertheless, they are critical to us, and we’ll keep tabs with you!  Here’s more (source):

Vital Lands Initiative Thematic Workshops

To gather additional input to help guide our comprehensive planning efforts, the District is hosting a series of workshops inviting experts and stakeholders to provide detailed feedback on priorities, threats and strategies focused specifically on the following themes: natural resources; agriculture; greenbelts, community separators and scenic lands; and recreation and urban open space. The goals of the workshops are to:

  • Share and build upon the feedback received at the community meetings
  • Gain a deeper understanding of threats posed to each thematic area
  • Brainstorm strategies and land conservation solutions to ensure long-term protection in each thematic area

We invite interested individuals and organizations to attend one or more of the following workshops:

RSVP for Vital Lands Initiative Thematic Workshops: