Action Alert : Phone Banking for the Yes on Measure J campaign

measure-jGreetings Good People of REMBA-land!

The board members of REMBA are going to be phone banking for the Yes on Measure J campaign this Thursday evening from 5-8pm in Sebastopol and we would love you to join us! Campaign staff will be there train us on how to be effective phone bankers so don’t worry if you’ve never done something like this before. There is also a need for a few more people to do some data entry if talking to strangers on the phone ain’t your cup of tea. Please sign up here. The good people at Vanguard Properties are supporting the campaign with the use of their offices for phone banking. Vanguard is located at 6790 McKinley St, Sebastopol (behind Taylor Maid Farms in The Barlow). Hope to see you there and if you want to get a picture of what a yes vote on J means, check out this article from the Press Democrat that was published on their site today. Thanks for reading!


Nick Nesbitt

Co-founder / Chairman of the Board